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E.B. Benicia Batch

Product ID : EBBEN
Price: $0.86
Manufacturer: East Bay


Another popular blowing batch blended by us. Hot glass professionals and students have successfully worked with this glass melt since 1996. This formula also has a long working time and superbly fits Gaffer™, Reichenbach and Kugler colors.

Melt at: 2375 F
Work at: 2050 F
Anneal at: 915-925 F
Strain Point: 861 F
English and Turner calculated C.O.E: 92 F
Measured C.O.E: 94.5 x 10^7/deg. C

$0.86 1-499lbs
$0.62 500-999lbs
$0.54 1000-1999lbs
$0.50 2000-4999lbs
$0.48 >5000lbs


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